Our codes (OUR CODES) are auxiliary codes to work with evaluated nuclear data files, developed in our Center.

        PL-ORI is a code, developed by O. Gritzay, for presentation of the ENDF formatted cross sections (MF=3), obtained after processing by any from codes LINEAR, RECENT, SIGMA1, GROUPIE or MIXER in the table format. This code can be used as a very simple and useful tools to prepare input file for the graphical package MicrocalTMOriginTM (see http://www.microcal.com ).

        LIN-0, REC-0, SIG-0, GROUP-0, MIX-0 are codes, developed by O. Gritzay, for preparation of a task input files for Cullen's LINEAR, RECENT, SIGMA1, GROUPIE or MIXER codes. Use of these codes makes easy the preparation of the input file as:
         Generating order of each line prompts to user.
         If it is allowed to use default parameter, suffice it to press "Enter".
         It does not necessary to follow the input parameter formats.

It is enough to carefully answer to questions. These codes arrange all parameters in needed position and create new file NAMEcode.INP.

        FILTER-7 is a code from the FILTER package, developed by O. Gritzay. It is intended for neutron spectrum shape calculations after the composed filter and also for determination of the neutron spectrum shape parameters of the created quasi-mono-energy neutron line.

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